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Pieces of Life | froggin’

Every summer I take the boys to Oregon to spend time at my folks. I love and need this time with them. They get to run around in fields, drive  go – carts, swim and listen to bullfrogs. My mom is an excellent frog catcher. My youngest has a quick eye to spot them. Oh the smile and pure joy of holding such a tiny creature, and then letting him hang out for awhile.

tiny frog-0429tiny frog-0435tiny frog-0446

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grandpas trains

Putting this post together was a little harder than I anticipated. Maybe that’s why the images have been sitting on my camera for the past two months. I lost my dad in April, my boys – they lost their grandpa.  I think about him everyday, and we all miss him more than I thought even possible. The hurting, that down deep in the pit of your stomach has not lessened. Spending time with my folks over the summer was always a time to look forward to. My dad would take the boys to hobby shops, let them play with his model trains, drive go-carts all over the property. I know my dad treasured these times, I always joked he secretly wanted boys that’s why he raised two tough girls! My dad built this train table, and hand painted the mountain ranges and all the little trees. He built the tunnels, and all the tracks so he could enjoy watching and driving the trains all around. He loved this past time, and my boys loved that he let them play along. The tracks, trains, unfinished towns this is exactly how he left them.  We joked with him that he was turning into a crazy old train guy, maybe he was – but he just loved being busy. Ah dad, I hate that you are not here with us. We love you, Happy Father’s Day.

Grandpas Trains-5813

Grandpas Trains Kristin Dokoza-5818Grandpas Trains Kristin Dokoza-5826Grandpas Trains Kristin Dokoza-5832Grandpas Trains Kristin Dokoza -5836Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5857Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5866Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5868Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5883Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5889Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5907

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pieces of life | january

Before getting back into the routine of school and work, a visit to the beach was a must. I love to pack up the car, load the boys in and just head over the hills towards the ocean. We are lucky to live so close. A day spent in the sun surrounded by the ocean breeze, is my happy place. This is where I want my boys to have fond memories, remembering what the ocean sounds and smells like. Remembering that it is a place that is special to them, and me. My third essay, with the group Pieces of Life. One image is shared at Clickin’ Moms Daily Project. My life with two boys and a little french dog.

beach day-1458beach day-1479beach day-1508beach day-1498beach day-1531beach day-1541beach day-1547beach day-1553


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pieces of life | December

Cookies for Santa. There is so much excitement in our home, it’s about to bust! We took advantage of our first day of Winter Break and made cookies. This is my second photo essay with the group, Pieces of Life. One image is shared over at Clickin’ Mom Daily project.  My life with two boys and a little french dog.

December Pieces Dokoza-1085December Pieces Dokoza-1098December Pieces Dokoza-1100December Pieces Dokoza-1110December Pieces Dokoza-1113December Pieces Dokoza-1117December Pieces Dokoza-1122December Pieces Dokoza-1124December Pieces Dokoza-1137December Pieces Dokoza-0902

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I’m thankful for…

I had big plans to take an image each day for something I am thankful for. An image was not taken everyday, but the thought was certainly there. November was an insanely busy month, but each time I was out photographing families I was reminded by how much beauty surrounds us everyday. Something as simple as the way the light was hitting a group of trees up on the hills would bring a smile to my face. I am so thankful to have been asked to join a collaborative group project called 30 Days of Thankfulness. When my youngest son came running down from his Kinder class beaming with pride wearing his thankful necklace – I knew exactly the image I wanted to take and share. Please take the time to look through the beautiful images that everyone shared.


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