An emotion driven experience

Before getting back into the routine of school and work, a visit to the beach was a must. I love to pack up the car, load the boys in and just head over the hills towards the ocean. We are lucky to live so close. A day spent in the sun surrounded by the ocean breeze, is my happy place. This is where I want my boys to have fond memories, remembering what the ocean sounds and smells like. Remembering that it is a place that is special to them, and me. My third essay, with the group Pieces of Life. One image is shared at Clickin’ Moms Daily Project. My life with two boys and a little french dog.

beach day-1458beach day-1479beach day-1508beach day-1498beach day-1531beach day-1541beach day-1547beach day-1553




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  1. kara says:

    oh my goodness, that light. how could your boys not have fond memories there? these images are all so beautiful, kristin.

  2. Alice C. says:

    Kristin, these are so wonderful! Love the way you used the light and the sense of adventure you captured!


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