An emotion driven experience

Cookies for Santa. There is so much excitement in our home, it’s about to bust! We took advantage of our first day of Winter Break and made cookies. This is my second photo essay with the group, Pieces of Life. One image is shared over at Clickin’ Mom Daily project.  My life with two boys and a little french dog.

December Pieces Dokoza-1085December Pieces Dokoza-1098December Pieces Dokoza-1100December Pieces Dokoza-1110December Pieces Dokoza-1113December Pieces Dokoza-1117December Pieces Dokoza-1122December Pieces Dokoza-1124December Pieces Dokoza-1137December Pieces Dokoza-0902

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  1. Kirsty says:

    Kristin these are adorable!! I love those cookies and that last pic is just pricless!!!

  2. Alice C. says:

    Oh, these are awesome Kristin! Looks like a perfect morning!


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