An emotion driven experience

Dear Ryan,

You tagged along a couple of nights ago when I had a quick mini session. As we got into the car and pulled out of the parking lot I couldn’t help but notice how pretty the light was at that moment. There was once a time when you would hop into position anytime I asked you for a picture. Ahh, those were the good ol’ days. You recently lost one of your front teeth and it’s been on my mind to get a photo of you. I figured, now is my chance. You did climb out of the car, and slowly dragged your feet over to where I asked you to stand and gave me the cheesiest smile. Ever. Hmm, I could have just been happy with that – but, really? I asked you some questions, you know to try and break the ice. You held your ground. Finally I asked if I could see your missing tooth. This is what I got. Ha! I’ll take it! I was trying to capture a real expression after all.

Oh the drama in the car ride home.  R: “mom, you are always asking to take my picture” M: “that’s not true.” R: “Yes! it is! *rolls eyes M: “fine, when was the last time I took your picture?” R: ” Saturday!” M: ” oh, that’s right. but that was for your First Communion. and Grandma really wanted a picture” *yes, I blamed it on my mother.

There was no more arguing. I got my picture in the pretty light. The picture that will always remind me of my sweet, argumentative seven 1/2 year old with the missing tooth.

Love you to pieces,


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Happy Mother’s Day!



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