An emotion driven experience

It’s pretty cool when I get to photograph people that I know. We are already comfortable with each other, and have a good sense of our personalities. I’ve been fortunate to be asked twice to photograph this family. Even more fortunate that they are my neighbors. See? I told you, cool huh?

Daly Family by kdokoza-0975

Daly Family by kdokoza-1034

Daly Family by kdokoza-1109

Daly Family by kdokoza-1160

Daly Family by kdokoza-1187

Daly Family by kdokoza-1464

Daly Family by kdokoza-1468

Daly Family by kdokoza-1513

Daly Family by kdokoza-1560



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  1. Melissa says:

    Those two front teeth missing + joyous laughter is PERFECTION. Love this collection!

  2. wiltkd says:

    Thank you Melissa!


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