An emotion driven experience

First post of the new year!

I was lucky enough to meet with and photograph many new faces in 2015. I consider myself even more fortunate that many of my lovely families reach out year after year. As time passes, my photography progresses and my vision and style becomes stronger. I love taking portraits. Yes, I can take a pretty picture of your family all smiling and looking at the camera. Those are wonderful, and as a mom – I know they are treasured. But, do you want to know what makes my heart sing? What brings the biggest smile to my face, and I get so excited that many times I have to show you the back of the camera – right then and there? One image where you didn’t think I was looking. One shot where your children were laughing, and the look on your face while watching them is so full of love that I can’t help but smile, and have to fight the urge to reach out and hug you – and I’m not even a hugger! Photography is fun. Light is fun, color is fun, laughing ….. is fun! Being together with your family is fun – even in front of a camera. I did my best to put together most of the families I spent time with in 2015. Each of these tiny squares deserves their own huge picture share. Thank you to everyone who trusts me, and listens to my crazy ideas. I know they don’t always work out. But man, when they do.







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