An emotion driven experience

This family. These people are fun, chill, and are so much fun to spend time with. The light hung out for an extra amount of time, and I just couldn’t get enough of how gorgeous it lit up this family. There are several images that are my favorites from my time spent with them, but I just love the image of the two dogs. They were each adopted, and you could tell how special they are to the family. Possibly woman’s best friend.

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  1. Euni says:

    Loving how you captured the essence of our family in a such a natural, in-the-moment way. Our sons are such a challenge to photograph, yet every shot provided a glimpse of their personalities. Couldn’t get enough of it and that lovely afternoon in Woodside.

    And yes…Moxie and Lucky, how could we not include our first two children? Meant the world to me to have them there. I will cherish these pictures forever.


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