An emotion driven experience

I’ve wanted a French Bulldog for quite awhile. Stopping people on the street who had one with them. Asking for breeders info. and checking rescue sites. To be honest, the price tag on these little dogs is a little crazy to me – but gah! They are just so cute! I was told about a litter that had two puppies available in April. I immediately contacted the owner and asked if I could please drive out to see the puppies. After a road trip the boys and I would be spending the afternoon playing with three darling French Bulldog puppies. Originally I had asked to put my deposit down on the female. She had a perfect black mask, and I figured I would finally get my girl! But once there, my heart knew we had to bring home the male. This little boy dog was following my boys around the yard, sitting down next to them when they sat, and when picked up would look you straight in the eye with love and honesty.

Louis became his name and this little dog has brought so much joy to our home. The boys just adore him, I love seeing the bond building between a child and his dog. This is my first Frenchie, I don’t have anything to compare him to – but my goodness this is the most wonderful dog! I figured he would quickly become a subject I would enjoy photographing, but had no idea that an image I took playing around with pretty light and flowers would be on the cover of a magazine!

When Click Magazine contacted me to tell me that Louis would be on the cover I had to read the email several times over. I was half laughing and half crying, I thought you’ve got to be kidding me!?!?! This has become my favorite magazine, and look forward to it arriving in my mailbox. The images, articles and the lovely paper it is printed on all just equal one beautiful magazine to sit down and enjoy.  I was over the moon when an image I took of the boys playing in the tide pools was featured in the May issue. Today a whole box of gorgeous magazines arrived on my doorstep with little Louis on the cover. Maybe this sounds silly, but I had a moment of happy tears. Thank you to Clickin Moms for such an amazing opportunity, and thank you to everyone who has left so many kind words and comments. You really know how to make a girl, and her little French dog feel extremely special.



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