An emotion driven experience

I recently finished up a four week class, Fine Art and Visual Expression. This was the first run for FAVE taught by Elle Walker, at Clickin Moms. I had many questions about my own photography journey as the class began. What is fine art? Does it have to be still life? Is it possible to merge life style and fine art? Can it include children? MY children? I think art is something that can and will always be questioned as a form of taste and style. We explored many different genres of fine art, and I pushed myself and tried new things. The result? I do believe that life style images can be considered fine art. Especially when perspective, lighting and composition of the image all come together to create quite simply: ART.



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  1. tracey says:

    K, I stumbled over here via Instagram. Loved looking through your images! That first one in this post is stunning.
    And, do you live in the Bay Area??? We are neighbors. 🙂


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