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2016 Wonder filled

It was a good year filled with amazing families in 2016. I honestly get to meet, spend time and photograph the coolest people. The time we spend together is special to me. I get a bit protective over the images when it’s time to hand them over. It’s so important to me to show them how beautiful and w o n d e r filled their love for each other is. The wonder in connection, light, laughter and love all go into the pot to create each unique family.

Here’s to an exciting 2017!



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all the little boys

I have two boys and know that sometimes our house sounds like wrestle mania, with added laughter and giggles. I’ve learned that tackling, wrestling, head locks etc… are just a part of life raising my sons. As long as no one is really getting hurt, I’m cool. This family has 3 little boys, and I could not help but giggle as they were teasing one another and acting goofy. There was no harm, they were not being mean to each other or disrespectful to me. Was it a bit like herding cats? At times, yes. But how do you not capture all the joy and laughter during those in between moments? I kept telling them they were like little monkeys, because they were! I know the parents wondered how in the world I was able to get any shots of them all looking and smiling – and of course, yes I did – many times. But the images that I’m sharing are the ones that call to me. That remind me of the time we spent together. I hope that they feel the same way.


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Laughter Always Wins

So many changes happening for this family. Three girls. One starting college, one continuing college, and a newly graduated from college off to join the work forces. I know how quickly time passes. As cliche as it may sound, once you have children – you get it. This mother knew the importance to get everyone together for family photos. They are just as sweet and smart as they are gorgeous. Oh, the laughter!

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