p family

Little girls in holiday dresses. This just gets me every time! I loved how mom styled her family, pretty little dresses and boots – perfect! Both girls were fun, sweet and sassy and the youngest quite possibly ate her weight in raisins throughout our time together -ha! It’s always such a treat to get the opportunity to photograph a family over the years, and watch how they grow.

Paddon Family blog-9002Paddon Family blog-9091Paddon Family blog-9276Paddon Family blog-9141Paddon Family blog-9252Paddon Family blog-9157Paddon Family blog-9224Paddon Family blog-9297Paddon Family blog-9445Paddon Family blog-9462


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I’m thankful for…

I had big plans to take an image each day for something I am thankful for. An image was not taken everyday, but the thought was certainly there. November was an insanely busy month, but each time I was out photographing families I was reminded by how much beauty surrounds us everyday. Something as simple as the way the light was hitting a group of trees up on the hills would bring a smile to my face. I am so thankful to have been asked to join a collaborative group project called 30 Days of Thankfulness. When my youngest son came running down from his Kinder class beaming with pride wearing his thankful necklace – I knew exactly the image I wanted to take and share. Please take the time to look through the beautiful images that everyone shared.


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R family

This family. These people are fun, chill, and are so much fun to spend time with. The light hung out for an extra amount of time, and I just couldn’t get enough of how gorgeous it lit up this family. There are several images that are my favorites from my time spent with them, but I just love the image of the two dogs. They were each adopted, and you could tell how special they are to the family. Possibly woman’s best friend.

Ranta Blog-9111Ranta Blog-9130Ranta Blog-9141Ranta Blog-9209Ranta Blog-9225Ranta Blog-9230Ranta Blog-9257

Euni - December 8, 2014 - 9:14 pm

Loving how you captured the essence of our family in a such a natural, in-the-moment way. Our sons are such a challenge to photograph, yet every shot provided a glimpse of their personalities. Couldn’t get enough of it and that lovely afternoon in Woodside.

And yes…Moxie and Lucky, how could we not include our first two children? Meant the world to me to have them there. I will cherish these pictures forever.

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pieces of life | November

This is my first photo essay for Pieces of Life, a new group project with some pretty talented ladies. Each month we will share an image over at Clickin’ Moms Daily project. I’m excited to be a part of this, and to share little bits here and there of my life with two boys and a little french dog.

photo essay-9874photo essay-9877photo essay-9881photo essay-9883photo essay-9906photo essay-9911

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sarah - November 22, 2014 - 6:10 pm

ABSOLUTELY fantastic!! I love that exhausted-and-relieved look of that sweet clean face at the end. Awesome story!!

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