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Every summer I take the boys to Oregon to spend time at my folks. I love and need this time with them. They get to run around in fields, drive  go – carts, swim and listen to bullfrogs. My mom is an excellent frog catcher. My youngest has a quick eye to spot them. Oh the smile and pure joy of holding such a tiny creature, and then letting him hang out for awhile.

tiny frog-0429tiny frog-0435tiny frog-0446

Sarah Wilkerson - July 31, 2015 - 11:42 pm

Ahhh, I love it – love the tradition, love the pictures. #2 made me giggle aloud, which I am pretty sure is what was also coming out of your son’s mouth at this very moment. <3

Cynthia - August 2, 2015 - 6:17 pm

How fun!!! I love, love the last image. Great details in that image.

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A wedding at city hall

These two got married! I am not a wedding photographer, but when they told me the venue – how could I say no? City Hall in San Francisco is just gorgeous. The perfect backdrop for this beautiful bride and her groom. Thank you so much B+M for asking me to be a part of such a special day. It was an honor to be there and to photograph you and your families. Congrats to you both!



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grandpas trains

Putting this post together was a little harder than I anticipated. Maybe that’s why the images have been sitting on my camera for the past two months. I lost my dad in April, my boys – they lost their grandpa.  I think about him everyday, and we all miss him more than I thought even possible. The hurting, that down deep in the pit of your stomach has not lessened. Spending time with my folks over the summer was always a time to look forward to. My dad would take the boys to hobby shops, let them play with his model trains, drive go-carts all over the property. I know my dad treasured these times, I always joked he secretly wanted boys that’s why he raised two tough girls! My dad built this train table, and hand painted the mountain ranges and all the little trees. He built the tunnels, and all the tracks so he could enjoy watching and driving the trains all around. He loved this past time, and my boys loved that he let them play along. The tracks, trains, unfinished towns this is exactly how he left them.  We joked with him that he was turning into a crazy old train guy, maybe he was – but he just loved being busy. Ah dad, I hate that you are not here with us. We love you, Happy Father’s Day.

Grandpas Trains-5813

Grandpas Trains Kristin Dokoza-5818Grandpas Trains Kristin Dokoza-5826Grandpas Trains Kristin Dokoza-5832Grandpas Trains Kristin Dokoza -5836Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5857Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5866Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5868Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5883Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5889Grandpas Trains by Kristin Dokoza-5907

Alisha wilt - June 20, 2015 - 2:31 am

This is a lovely piece, brave of you to share, because I know how much we have all been hurting. Dad was always so incredibly proud of you and your talents and I know he continues to be. Love you, xoxo

Ally - June 20, 2015 - 4:15 am

Hugs to you! I’m glad your boys will always have these wonderful memories of their grandpa. You are brave and strong… I’m sure he’s really proud of you. Lots of love to you.

Mandy Daudel - June 21, 2015 - 6:46 pm

What beautiful pictures of your boys enjoying your dad’s trains! Jeff was a little jealous of this amazing space when I showed him the pictures. I can’t believe the scale – it belongs in a museum! Thinking of you today and sending my love!

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