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Exploring use of small aperture vs large aperture

I very rarely shoot with a small aperture, so this past week I pushed myself to shoot f/9.5 or smaller. The skies were amazing on Friday and proved to be the perfect subject for a small aperture and a little bit of underexposure. Out of focus images are something that I find intriguing. I was comfortable with including shape, color, light and perspective. I couldn’t completely abandon my love for shooting wide and back light though. It’s all about experimenting, finding new ways to look at your surroundings.

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Exploring Creative Photography

I’m in my first week of a new class at Clickin Moms, Exploring Creative Photography taught by April Nienhuis. It’s hard to break from what you’ve been taught about “correct” exposure. Pushing your ISO, selecting your aperture, over or underexposing an image. Different and challenging for me — always a good thing.  Here are some of my images from this week.

Deliberate underexposure was this month’s creativity challenge over at Clickin Moms. I’m honored that my image of the mushroom was featured on the blog!

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fave 301

I recently finished up a four week class, Fine Art and Visual Expression. This was the first run for FAVE taught by Elle Walker, at Clickin Moms. I had many questions about my own photography journey as the class began. What is fine art? Does it have to be still life? Is it possible to merge life style and fine art? Can it include children? MY children? I think art is something that can and will always be questioned as a form of taste and style. We explored many different genres of fine art, and I pushed myself and tried new things. The result? I do believe that life style images can be considered fine art. Especially when perspective, lighting and composition of the image all come together to create quite simply: ART.

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a classic artists exercise

Every month a Creativity Exercise is posted on Clickin Moms. Novembers challenge was to photograph one or more eggs. Eggs? I thought about this one for awhile. How did I want to photograph one, or possibly a dozen eggs. For me it all came down to a sunny afternoon, and the amazing stream of light that was falling on our kitchen table. I’m quoting this directly from the post on Clickin Moms: “Keep in mind that beautiful photography very frequently isn’t about the subject itself but is often about the quality of the light and the way the photographer perceives and chooses to render that subject. Pay close attention to your light and shadows, and make the ordinary extraordinary!” This is exactly how I felt and what I saw when I took on the *challenge. It was fun to shoot for me, push myself creatively. S.L.O.W. down and manually focus on my subject. I’m beyond proud that one of my images that I submitted was chosen as Editors Choice! If you would like to read more about the Creativity Challenges and see how other photographers took the challenge check out  the CM blog post here.



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